What is the fee for Stitched Fashion Camp?

The fee for two weeks at Stitched Fashion Camp is $2400. At Stitched, we strongly believe in working with each of our campers to develop their own aesthetic while improving their design abilities. Stitched is unique in that we keep a very low camper to instructor ratio allowing for unparalleled individual attention.

What is included in the fee? Are there any additional costs?

Everything you need for the two week session is included in the fee! There are no additional costs. All the supplies and fabric you need will be supplied and all campers will be using the Stitched Camp’s Sewing machines. Each camper will take home their projects at the end of the two week session.

Are one week sessions available?

Due to high demand and a revised curriculum, this year we are only registering campers for the full two week session.

Is Camp for Boys and Girls?

Yes! Fashion is for everyone! Boys and girls are welcome! You may choose to make the clothes for yourself or someone else, all you need are measurements. If you would prefer to make them for a specific size that’s fine too! You can fit them on one of our dress forms.

Do I need any drawing or sewing experience?

No experience is necessary! We will teach you everything you need to know to bring your ideas to life! If you happen to have experience, our industry insiders will work with you to make sure you feel you are getting the one on one attention you deserve. Everyone will be able to work at a pace that is comfortable for them!

Who do we make the clothes we design for?

They are for you! You will learn to take measurements and the designs you make will be yours to wear and show off to your friends!

What happens on the last day of camp? Is there a fashion show?

The last day of camp is a chance for your family and friends to come see what you've been designing! Each designer will display all of their hard work! We encourage you to model your designs as well! If you are more comfortable displaying the work on hangers or dress forms that’s ok too! We will spend the earlier part of the day putting the final touches on the final project and the studio will be open to the public later in the afternoon!

What’s for lunch?

Please bring your own ‘brown bag’ lunch. We will have access to a refrigerator if necessary. We ask you to bring your own food and drinks as many people have allergies and special diets. We will take a lunch break around 12:30 for 30 minutes. Stitched will supply you with bottled water.

Can my family and friends come visit?

If you have a friend that would like to come see what you have been up to, feel free to invite them to the open studio on the last day of camp. Due to legal reasons and liability insurance, we cannot allow anyone except our registered campers in the studio during camp hours.

Is Stitched Fashion Camp only in East Hampton, NY?

We are very excited to host the fourth year of Stitched Fashion Camp at Guild Hall in East Hampton. Follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook and we will keep you posted on other STITCHED events and camp locations in the future!

Is Stitched a sleepaway camp?

Stitched is a day camp that meets Monday through Friday, 10am - 4pm. We will be happy to recommend accomodations should you be a camper from out of town. The Hamptons in the summer are a wonderful place to vacation and campers and their families will have plenty to do!